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Q: Do I need to brush my pet?
A: Yes, brushing is the most important prepatory step in grooming. If the pets coat is not properly brushed nothing else will flow smoothly during the grooming process. Well brushed pets help keep the cost of grooming low due to the reduction in matts and tangles.

Q: How are dogs priced for grooming?
There are a number of factors that make up the pricing of grooming:
•  Size of dog
•  Breed of dog
•  Texture of coat
•  Condition of coat
•  Dogs behavior during styling and grooming

Most dogs can be styled and groomed in 2 hours. If the dog is in poor condition it increases the time needed to perform a stress free grooming session. A heavily matted dog can require 2 groomers to get the job done correctly. These factors increase the cost of grooming.

Q: Does the hair on a dog without undercoat help keep them warm in the winter?
A: Only dogs with undercoat are protected from cold weather. Dogs with hair that need to be cut and styled are not insulated from the cold. Just like people with hair on their head during cold periods a hat is required to help keep the body from losing heat even if the hair is long. A coat or wrap would help more than a long hair style.